Our Training


We focus on Aikido or on Taiji. Small cross-over can happens during training. 

Aikido training

We start with a warmup section. Mostly based on Yoshigasaki Sensei sequence. Then we will chose one of the Tsuzukiwaza and going through the techniques one by one and if time allow finish with doing the whole Tsuzukiwaza. Sometime we add in alternative technique with the same attack, mostly takes from Aikikai or outside of the Tsuzukiwaza series.

Sometime we also train weapon.

  • Ki-Aikido Tsuzukiwaza (tanto, jo and bokken)
  • Sugawara Sensei Kumi-jo and Jo-ai.

Taiji – beginning of the training

Every training we start with opening up the body. Ji Ben Gong.

Nei Gong / Qi Gong

* Then we always practice Zhan Zhuang (also called Standing).

* The third part which we often include is Huang Sheng Shyan Song Gong.

Taiji form training

Our main form training is Cheng Man-ch’ing Yang Form 37.

Tuishou (Push hands)

We always try to include push hands or other partner drills.

* Aikido Kumi-jo and Jo-ai (Sugawara Sensei jo/bokken)